The Wilhelmshaven Association - Prince Rupert School 1947-1972
Membership Registration
Membership is only open to ex Pupils and members of Staff of
Prince Rupert School, Wilhelmshaven, Germany
If you would like to become a member and/or find out more about the Association please fill out the following form.
It will be emailed to our Subscription Secretary. Your membership will only become affective on receipt of payment.
Please pay as detailed below.

If you wish to join online please use the PayPal option which will automatically open after submitting form.

Subscriptions for 2011/12 UK £ 10,00 Europe £13.00 Rest of the World £15.00
For those who wish to pay otherwise and because of privacy concerns you will receive an email reply and soon after a Registration Pack will be sent which includes details of methods of payment etc.

Registration Form
Title and Full Name Now * Date of Birth
Your Name at School * Years at Prs 19?? to 19??
Nickname or Known as Which Houses were you in:
Correspondence address: Status
Phone Pupils - where was your Father stationed?
Fax Teachers - which subjects did you teach?

e-mail *
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Enter the Names of those on your contact wish list: ONLY if you join will these people be contacted if they are members also.
Memorabilia: If you have any memorabilia which may be of interest please write a brief description here.
Memories: Please write any memories of PRS here - the funnier the better.
Personal Resume: Our Members are always interested to hear news of new locatees. If you feel inclined, please give a brief resume of your life since leaving PRS. Don't be modest, do be funny - we may publish it in a future Newsletter.
Old Contacts: We need all the contacts we can find. If you have had any contact with any ex-PRSites since you left, please let us have the details, no matter how long ago it was and indicate approximately when it was.
New Contacts: We need to be constantly looking for new contacts by any method that reaches people - Magazines, TV, Radio, etc. If you have any contacts or better still influence and could help us reach more ex-pupils or staff. Please give brief details here. You could help to fulfil someones 'contact wish list'!

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