The Wilhelmshaven Association - Prince Rupert School 1947-1972
Privacy Policy
  1. General
    In line with moves to make Website users more aware of the ways in which Personal information is collected and used by the site owners "The Wilhelmshaven Association", hereafter known as the Association, makes the following statement for all the pages at - used for the initial contact of web users
  2. Access
    The Association website is in two parts: the Open Site (open to all visitors) and the Members' Only Site (open to current members only through a password). Visitors can make use of the information, but the copyright of the photographs belongs to the Photographers who supply them. We do reserve the right to monitor the visitors to assist us in future development of the site. To this end visitors may be assigned a 'cookie'.
  3. Cookies
    These are packets of Data that the Association transfers to your hard disk for record keeping purposes. One of the advantages of a cookie is that it will save you from having to enter your login and password on revisiting the Members site. You will have the opportunity to accept or decline the cookie, but declining the cookie may not allow access to the Members Only site. In today's world cookies are standard practice used by most of the major web sites. All efforts are made to ensure that the cookies are not available to any 3rd party
  4. Security
    The Association only collects the Personal Information that it deems necessary for the purpose of conducting the Association's business. At no time will the Association put a full record of its members on the Internet thus protecting the privacy of the individual. There will be extracted data to allow visitors to see who we are looking for and Members to see Member status. It is the policy of the Association that personal information including address details are not passed on to a third party without the express permission of the person concerned. The Association cannot be held liable for any private information disclosed by a visitor on the public areas.
  5. Collected Information
    We collect information that allows us to contact individuals by e-mail from the forms found on the Website. Data is also collected from the information you supply in the completed fields on the registration form. However, such detailed information is not distributed nor divulged to a third party. In addition, there is no access to members personal data as this is not held on the Internet. Also, we collect hidden data such as IP address, Browser, Operating System etc. as supplied by the HTTP user Agent you are using.

  6. Transactional Data
    Users to our Website may generate data to 3rd parties such as Credit Card companies, questbooks etc. We have no control over these 3rd parties nor any subsequent transaction.
  7. Public Information
    We would remind visitors that anyone contributing to the Guest Book, particularly on the Open Site, may be providing their details to members of the public world wide. The Association cannot be responsible for any offensive or unwanted material (junk mail) received as a result. All messages published on the Guest Book on the Open Site are vetted before publication. The TWA reserves the right to remove any messages that it considers inappropriate or offensive. Messages on the Members only site are not vetted before publication.
  8. Review and Correction
    Members can review their data, at any time, held on line (Name, Surname, Years of Attendance and House allocated whilst at school) and correct that information by sending an e-mail to the Membership Secretary. Should you wish to see all the details on file, follow it up with a letter complete with a stamped self-addressed envelope.
  9. Complaints
    We strongly advise those with complaints against the Association to contact the Association by e-mail or telephone in the first instance followed by letter. Contact details for all the Committee are on the website.
  10. Changes
    The Association reserve the right to amend this policy without prior notice and without consultation as it sees fit.
  11. Questions or Suggestions
    Should you have any comments or require further information on the Privacy Policy contact the Webmaster.

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