We are the ex-pupils and staff of Prince Rupert School (P.R.S.) who actively search for other former “inmates” of this extraordinary boarding school for children of those associated with the British Forces based in Germany.
Our aim is to locate and contact as many former pupils and staff as possible, we have so far found over 3400 of the estimated 7500 who attended the school between 1947 and 1972 prior to its move to Rinteln.

Current Committee

The current Committee consists of:
3_committee - liz.jpg

Liz (Bird) Hughes

Founder & President

Howe 1961- 64

3_committee - barbara.jpg

Barbara (Miller) Steels

Acting Chairperson

Hood Rodney 1957 - 61

Carol Goronwy

Membership Secretary/Treasurer

Collingwood 1964 - 66

Paul Levitt

Magazine Editor

Drake 1960

Mark Pepper

Without Portfolio

Drake/Lawson 69 - 71

3_committee - peter.jpg

Peter Piller

Merchandising/ Reunion Sub-committee

Rodney 1965 - 1968

3_committee - andy.jpg

Andy (Vassiliou) Renou

Webmaster & Designer

Rodney 1962 - 66

3_committee - lorraine.jpg

Lorraine (Simpson) Davies

NL Distribution

Collingwood 1969 - 72


Ian Lennox


Howe 1952 - 57

Terry Abrey

Reunion Sub-committee

Collingwood 1959-61

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Membership Secretary/Treasurer


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