Frequently Asked Questions

What are the aims of the TWA?
The aims of the TWA are to find Ex Staff and Pupils of PRS whilst it was in Wilhelmshaven. In many cases ex pupils are wanting to be put in touch with old friends. In some cases they do not want to remember their times at PRS, however, we would like to record all those found. Which is why everyone is important and every contact recorded.
Why is the TWA different?
When Liz Bird conceived the idea to find her lost friends she had no idea where it would lead to. Her aim and now the aim of the TWA is to locate all Ex staff and pupils of PRS. Not all want to join, or meet up, so they are recorded as Locatees. Others who want to meet have to initially do so indirectly so we can preserve their privacy.
How do I go about making contact with old friends?
First of all you need to become a member. Secondly fill out your wish list on the application form. If those on the wish list have been found they will be contacted and, if they are happy to do so, information is exchanged. We try to ensure each persons privacy is respected.
What if I don’t want to become member?
That is up to you but we would like to know of your existence so we can eliminate you from our search.
Why is privacy so important?
So much has happened in everyones lives since we all left school that we want to ensure no one is surprised or embarrassed by old friends suddenly reappearing.
Why are there so many sites?
There are many different sites as different people have different interests. Some are there to let others know where they have been and what they are doing. Some are there as a chat sites to share past experiences and others are there to find ex Staff and Pupils.
Why do some pages not load?
Since there are many browsers and not all are compatible or share the same standards. It is possible that there is a Firewall blocking our pages or even the security settings that you have put in your set up.
Why do some files have a PDF icon?
Since Adobe Acrobat has become a standard on the Internet as it is easy for all users to read .PDF files regardless of what word processor you use. Also the Acrobat Reader software is Free.
Do you try to design the site with visually impaired in mind?
Yes, we try to make sure that everyone has an chance to read the web site but it is not always possible to cater for every eventuality. If you have a problem contact us and we will see what we can do.
What is the purpose of the Guest Book?
For visitors to leave their messages about the site. We are happy for it to be used as a message board provided the messages are brief, inoffensive and in keeping with the aims of the site.