Farmers Breakfast

Recipe, as sent to us first by Mrs Brian Rigg (as supplied by the PRS chef) and published in
Newsletter No. 2 – August 1994.

Serves 6.

4-5 eggs
6oz bacon
1 medium onion
2lbs potatoes
2 sprigs parsley
salt and pepper to taste
milk (to dilute eggs if required)
2-3ozs fat/dripping

Wash and cook potatoes in their jackets – allow to cool.
Peel and finely dice.
Finely dice bacon and onions, fry in some of the fat til light brown in colour.
Wash, pick and finely chop parsley. Mix eggs, milk & seasoning – whisk lightly.
Place potatoes, bacon, onions and parsley together in a frying pan and heat until it starts frying, using remaining fat.
Move to a cooler part of the stove and pour the egg mixture over.
Toss lightly together until eggs begin to set. Form into one large omelette, turning now and again until golden brown.