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Farmers Breakfast     The great debate. We know Farmers Breakfast is popular from the number portions served at the last reunion. There does seem a little confusion with some between this and Bubble & Squeak.
Bubble & Squeak  
F A Q’s Questions that have arisen over the years that you might be interested in.
Windsor Association  The School split in 2 – Windsor Girls & Windsor Boys from 1953 to 1983 has located over 2000 ex-pupils and staff and hope to contact all who attended.
Alexanders  Even further afield in the Far East. This site is worth a visit especially if you went to school in Singapore.
Slim School  Another BFES school opened in 1951 despite all the local trouble in Malaya which is a credit to Forces Children to be able to contune in the face of adversity. The school eventually closed in 1964. The Slim school was to reopen as the New Slim School in Mallaca before moving to Germany in 1969.
King Alfred  Another site for those of you that were in Germany is that of King Alfred School.The dates for this school were 1948 to 1959.
Queens  Queens was started in 1955 and by 1963 grew to 1100 and survived to 1987 before moving to its current site.
WHV Tourist Freizeit GMBH is the local tourist information office in Wilhelmshaven. For information on events in and around Wilhelmshaven visit their sites.
WHV Camera There is a camera which will allows you to see whats happening.
Lost & Found If you are looking for old service colleagues with whom you have lost contact try this to find lost relatives or friends.
Tanks Another military link for those that are interested in tanks there is a wealth of information from over the years