Help for The TWA Association
Many thanks to those who have come forward with offers of help re the Association  – the general feeling at the reunion was very positive as to the future. We are always looking for volunteers to ensure the long term future of the Association and would especially welcome members who were pupils in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Childhood Memoires of growing up in Germany
The Childhood Memories project is now complete and appears in full on the Memories button on the contents page or press this link. I hope I have managed to capture and record a bit of the history of the era for future generations. Who knows……….?
Barbara Steels(Miller) Hood/Rodney 57/61

Do You Know? recording, c.1956/57
Prince Rupert School, Wilhelmshaven, versus Queen’s School, Mönchengladbach.
As it may be of interest and probably a source of amusement to some of those who were present at PRS during the 1956/57 academic year.
URL for the recording is
Mike Jones-Lee,  Drake 1956-1959

‘An Englishman’s View of Wilhelmshaven’.
This report has been translated by Tony Colvin and Jenny Pearson and taken from the German newspaper ‘Wilhemshavener Zeitung’ and called ‘An Englishman’s View of Wilhelmshaven’.
It was written by Hugo Stockter and is a book review of ‘After the Battle’ a book written by Tony Colvin.  Tony Colvin is speaking at the Nottingham reunion on the History of the PRS School site.
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Time Capsule
To view the Time Capsule Story printed January 2011 in the Navy News. Click here!

To ensure that you do not miss out on all the local fun and meeting friends

Change of Address
If you about to move or have just moved then do not forget to let us know especially if you wish to keep in contact with all the friends you have made.
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As requested the password will now be on the back page of all future editions of the New Cavalier.

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