Are we still looking for you? – Please keep in Touch

The TWA was founded in 1993 with the aim of finding all former pupils and members of staff who attended the school from 1947 to 1972. The biggest problem has been to create a comprehensive list of all who attended during this time. To date (Oct 2007 ), we have found over 3400 of the (estimated) 7,500 people who attended PRS, whilst it was at WILHELMSHAVEN. Unfortunately, we have been unable to locate any official records of the school registers of pupils or staff. However, we have put together an unofficial list culled from old school magazines, programmes of plays, concerts, reports, letters and a wide variety of other school documents provided by those pupils and staff that we have found. Our list is still growing and we need your help.

Eventually we plan to have a searchable database so you can see who we are still looking for. We do have lists on the members only site of all those pupils and staff that we have located. We have many folk on our ‘wish lists’ – these are just a few of the names of ex pupils who have someone waiting to hear from them. If you see your name – or know one of them – please could you contact the Association.. Even if you / they are not interested in joining – we can cross the name off our still to be found list.

David Adam, Collingwood 1961 Gillian Chadwick, Howe 1967
Margaret Adams, Rodney 1955-62 Noreen Charlesworth 1954-55
Geraldine Adcock, Drake 1953-56 Elaine Humphries 1967
Noreen Aird 1960’s Ann/e Scott 1967
Tony Allan, Howe 1950’s Elizabeth Scott 1967
Ann Allardyce 1955 Paul Wallis 1970
Ingrid Allen 1950-52 Malcolm Allen 1950

If you have any comments in general about past staff or students that will help us in locating them please email us. If you are looking for friends please contact our Membership Secretary . In each newsletter we publish names of new locatees and a member can also obtain a copy of the full list (or partial list of particular years) from the Membership Secretary.

If you have changed your postal and/or email address recently, or know of a member who has moved, PLEASE pass on the new address to the Membership Secretary.